Mobile-Centric Is The Way Forward

The most important thing for any brand is how they represent themselves to customers. In the era of digital, the same applies to website design. The norm for a very long time has been creating websites primarily with the aim of providing an optimal experience for desktop users. Subsequently, it's been difficult to provide the exact same experience for mobile users. They would be dealt with a lot of inconvenience in browsing the website. This brings about the question: Is it now time for brands to go mobile-centric?

It's led to the mobile vs desktop narrative. Mobile vs desktop isn't necessarily about which customers a brand wishes to reach, but rather how they want to reach them. If you were to ask yourself which device you would more likely go online on now, what would be your answer? In most cases, it would be mobile. In the present day, nearly 80% of the online traffic is generated on smartphones. That is a massive testament to the significance of going mobile

Designing for mobile first, makes a lot of sense in a technical point of view too. For instance, no matter how good a website looks on desktop, the same experience cannot be replicated on mobile. Compromises would have to be made on the copy, images, features and structure of the website as well. It would not look good if a brand were to simply shrink the website in to a mobile version of it.

On the other hand, starting off with the mobile and adopting it to other screen sizes would be more effective. Mobile friendliness is also used as a ranking mechanism for websites by Google. This further reiterates the importance of providing an optimal experience for mobile users.

With over 3 billion smartphone users in the world, and nearly one fifth of them being mobile-only web users, it has come to the point treating mobile as an afterthought would be a costly error. This isn't to say that focus on desktop should be neglected as they have different functions independently as well. Butall the facts and statistics point towards the fact that mobile-centric web designing, is indeed the way forward.